Try these (free) guided meditations——as a set, or separately——when you are resting your voice, travelling, or just seeking an extra mental boost for your voice and performance.

My lecture at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association national convention, arguing that the interpersonal skills of voice therapy and training are too often considered “fuzzy” or “nonscientific,” when in fact there’s plenty of science available to help us——it’s just not yet called “voice science!”

The voice clinic in Los Angeles, where I worked for many years, was featured in a national magazine for speech therapists in 2007. So here I am looking geeky.


In 2021, the hardest winter of COVID-19, I wrote a ballad of hope.
In April 2020, I wrote new lyrics to Stephen Foster’s classic.
Pete Seeger and I performed “The Hills of Glenshee,” a Scottish-American love ballad, in Woodstock NY, 2003. The concert celebrated a group album of traditional music from the Catskill Mountains, as collected in the 1940s-50s by my father Norman Cazden and fellow composer-musicologist Herb Haufrecht. I’d known Pete since childhood so it was a special pleasure to share a song that we both loved.

You can find more of my music here.