I’m Joanna Cazden: a licensed speech therapist, voice teacher, and vocal wellness advocate certified by the Performing Arts Medicine Association. I’m here to treat, tweak, and troubleshoot your vocal concerns, in artistic performance or everyday life.

You can also check out my book on vocal wellness Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers.

My private clients include people who have diagnosed voice problems, vocal artists with a history of injury who seek extra guidance or technical help, and people returning to singing after time away, who want a safe and well-informed reconditioning program. Some aren’t sure if a problem needs medical care or is related to something psychological, and seek my help sorting out what the next steps might be. Or folks just want a tuneup of their technique, new eyes and ears on how their voice is doing.  

Let me know what’s going on with your voice, and how I can help.

Joanna Cazden is one of the premier vocal trainers for professional voice users.

—Kay Meyer, Voice and Speech Consultant

I’ve been doing this work for about 30 years, in both private practice and formal medical settings. I’m also a lifelong singer-songwriter-musician, with training in theater arts and many body-mind modalities. Drawing from this eclectic background, my goals in each session are to understand your needs, customize exercises and other modifications for your voice, explain things in simple terms, and generally to work with you to create the best possible sound, stamina, range, and expressiveness.

Having a speech pathologist who is also a singing teacher made a huge difference.

—patient comment in clinic survey
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Overuse and Muscle Tension Disorders
Paresis and Age-Related Weakness
Irritable and Paradoxical Dysfunctions

Chronic Cough
Laryngeal Dystonia Support

Exercise programs, Singing or Speech
Breath Use Demystified
Wellness Education

Laryngeal Massage
Chakra-based Energy Balancing
ThetaHealing for Performance Issues

Vocal Wellness and Injury Prevention
Act-It-Out Voice Anatomy for Artists
Conditioning Exercise for Older Voices
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